Special types of pets need special kinds of care and attention.

Reptiles and amphibians are unusual pets and as such, require special care and treatment.

Many problems seen in reptiles and amphibians kept in captivity are due to their environment, and can be rectified with proper veterinary care.

In order to ensure all facets of your pet’s health are cared for, get them checked out by one of our qualified Veterinarians providing routine care for all breeds of lizards, including bearded dragons, frogs, turtles, snakes and other unusual pets. We also provide vet services for fish.

Our reptile and amphibian services include:

  • Complete check-ups
  • Husbandry and nutritional consultation
  • Disease screenings
  • Laboratory testing, as needed

Other veterinary services.

Wildlife Care

If you find an injured wild animal near your home or on the road, please don’t leave it. Contact the Australian Wildlife Rescue Group.

Puppy Pre-School

Is your new puppy taking over the household? Wondering how to take control again? Puppy school teaches you the do’s or don’ts in training and everything in between.

Emergency Services

24/7 urgent care and emergency services. If in doubt – call us! You are better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your pet’s health.

If you suspect your pet is in pain, or unwell, you should seek veterinary advice immediately.

When in doubt, call us! Even if the issue turns out to be a minor one, talking it over with a veterinary professional will give you peace of mind.

after-hours emergencies